5 Ways to Entertain Your Children While Traveling

If you’re planning on traveling with young children over the holidays it can be a challenge. Long trips in a car, train, or airplane can be especially hard for them to sit still in one place for an extended period of time. To make traveling fun and exciting for children the trick is to keep them entertained and their tummies full.

When they are bored they will become restless, and when they are hungry they can get cranky. With both of these the trip can be stressful, not just for the children, but for everyone. To make your long journey a more pleasant experience take some time to prepare ahead.

  1. Pack Travel Bags

For each child, pack a specific travel bag. It’s important to remember your child’s favorite items, such as, a blanket, stuffed animal, and toys. Nothing soothes a child better than his or her favorite stuffed animal or blanket. Just these things alone can make a huge difference when traveling.

Also include drinks and snacks in containers that are spill proof for the times your child may suddenly get thirsty or hungry. This will help keep your child content until the next meal time is available.

  1. Take Along Activity Books

Purchase a portable tray for each child, so they can have their own individual activity center, which can be used as tables while traveling. Bring along fun activity and coloring books for writing, coloring and drawing in. Don’t forget to also bring along pencils, colors, and markers.

Your child will be delighted and amused if the activity and coloring books are new, rather than ones that have already been marked up.

  1. Buy Games and Toys Specifically Designed for Traveling

It is easier to buy activity centers and games that are specifically designed for traveling, than to have children crying because of dropped toys, game pieces and other items. These items will usually have magnetic pieces for games and activity books with pens attached by a string.

Having everything within your child’s reach, and being prepared for the unexpected, will help your child to have lots of fun and they may not even notice how long you’ve been traveling.

  1. Purchase Disposable Cameras

Buying some disposable cameras can produce hours of entertainment for children. You won’t have the worry of it breaking, and if you get a waterproof type, it won’t be damaged by accidental drink spills. Your children can have fun and be occupied for hours taking pictures of things they have never seen before.

Once you have your child’s pictures developed they will enjoy seeing the pictures they took. Children, especially younger ones, love taking pictures. Stocking up on some disposable cameras can be a beneficial investment.

  1. Take Along Electronic Items

No matter what age, children enjoy electronic items, like music players, DVD players and handheld games. A movie, for example can give around two hours of non-stop entertainment. When bringing along electronics, don’t forget to pack extra batteries and car chargers.

With some advanced planning it is easy to keep children entertained while traveling. Children love to see and do new things, so if you can make frequent stops when traveling by car, it can help break up a long trip. Look at things from your child’s perspective and be creative. After all, no one knows what your child loves better than you.