6 Things To Do if You’re Alone on the Holidays

Being alone for the holidays can be difficult for a lot of people. People think of family, friends and gathering together for the holidays. If you have no one to share holiday time with it can bring on feelings of loneliness.

Many people don’t realize or they forget what the holidays are actually about. The holidays are not about what you get, it’s about what you give. Many people have the mistaken belief that the wonder of the holidays is about what you receive instead of what you give. When we give and share love, instead of expecting to get love, our hearts are filled with love.

Many people think that what makes them happy is getting love and approval from others. It’s like eating chocolate when you feel bad, it works for a short time but then you need more and more. Over time it becomes like an addiction.

What really fills the void is the giving of love. If you are alone for the holidays ask yourself “How can I give love in ways that will bring me happiness?”

Below are some ideas for giving your love and kindness over the holidays:

  1. Collect toys from friends and ask stores for donations that you can bring to children who would not otherwise receive them. You can find children in need through churches, schools and numerous other organizations.
  2. Find a homeless or battered women’s shelter near you and help set up for the holidays there – decorating the tree, preparing food and spending time with them. You may be able to organize some local markets to donate food for the holidays to the shelter.
  3. Spend time with the elderly in nursing homes. Some of these people have no family and no visitors. Spending time with someone else who is lonely can help them and you feel a lot less lonely.
  4. Volunteer to help serve food to the needy over Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are charitable organizations and churches that are very appreciative to have volunteers to assist in food lines during the holidays.
  5. There are different types of retreats, such as spas, wellness, yoga, spiritual and more, that may have special events over the holidays. You may be able to locate one near you where you can spend time with other people who likewise are alone during the holidays.
  6. Look for a church, temple or other groups in your area that may have special events going on for singles over the holidays. Go to these events with the intention of spending time with others, talking and listening to them. People love being listened to, having others interested in and understanding them.

If you’re unable to go out and do any of the above you could call or even do a video chat with someone. You can watch movies, listen to music, do crafts, or write in a journal.

Not everyone has money to give, but we all have love and kindness to give. You may not realize how much you might enrich another person’s life as well as your own by giving your time, interest, understanding and kindness. You will learn that giving kindness to others, especially over the holidays, is a heartfelt way of caring about yourself. Be kind to yourself as well.

If you are alone and really struggling please call a crisis hotline or local emergency number and speak to somebody.

In the United States call 1-800-273-8255

National prayer hotline 1-866-515-9406