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9 Ideas for Decorating Your Fireplace Mantel for Christmas

christmas fireplace mantle

The fireplace is usually a focal point in a room and the mantel is a wonderful place for a Christmas scene. There are multiple choices and styles to choose from. There is traditional to unique and anywhere in between.

CWI Gifts Burgundy Pip Berry and Star Garland

CWI Gifts Burgundy Pip Berry and Star Garland


Elegant Holiday Ornament Garland 65 Inches Long

Elegant Holiday Ornament Garland

Consider what style of decor you are using to decorate the rest of the room for Christmas. Is it elegant? Traditional? Primitive? Whichever style you are decorating your home with should also echo your mantel scene decor.

  1. People often place a nativity scene on the mantel, having assorted figurines, animals and a manger. There are many lovely nativity sets you can select from that are varying in size, style and price. They range from simple to elaborate in size and style.
  2. Reindeer figurines, along with miniature Christmas village pine trees would give a nature woodsy look. You can add some small pieces of pine tree branches and some pine cones. You could also add some real or fake red berries for some color.
  3. Christmas village houses are frequently used for decorating the mantel. You can place a snow runner or use cotton balls pulled apart to thin them out for snow. The soft light from the houses adds a cozy touch to the room.
  4. You can put garland with lights across the top. Then you can chose between varies items to add, such as flameless candles or candle lanterns, statues of angels, a Santa in sleigh being pulled by reindeer, birds, and many more options.
  5. Candles and/or candle lanterns brighten it up. You can use flameless candles or regular candles. You can put a variety of sizes across it. Mini fairy lights look nice in a candle lantern, as does filling a lantern with Christmas ornaments, you can use one, two or more colors together in it.
  6. Hang your favorite ornaments on ornament stands and place along the fireplace mantel. You could go with a theme of ornaments, such as Disney glass blown one’s or specific colors, like red and green or blue and silver. You could also add a Christmas card stand in the middle or one on each end.
  7. If you like primitive style decor you decorate with a tin angel and some tin stars with cutouts. Another cute idea is a wood snowman or snowmen. There are Primitive Santa figurines and dolls that can be placed on the mantel. Burlap stockings hanging from the fireplace would really add to it.
  8. Snow globes is another nice idea. Similar to that is a DIY using mason jars or other glass jars with screw top lids. Create a scene by gluing items on the inside of the lid and then screw the jar back on upside down. Make sure you have something in the lid to elevate the items so they can be seen.
  9. There are small lighted LED color changing figurines, such as Christmas trees, angels, nativity scenes, snowmen, reindeer and Santa Claus. They are made of acrylic or glass. Some of the lighted LED ornaments have flat bottoms that can sit on a mantel, as well.

Lighted Red Holiday Velveteen Mantel Scarf

Lighted Red Holiday Velveteen Mantel Scarf


Set of 6 LED Green Acrylic Christmas Trees - Color Changing - Assorted Sizes

Set of 6 LED Green Acrylic Christmas Trees – Color Changing – Assorted Sizes

There is such a wide variety of choices for decorating your fireplace mantel, from figurines, artwork, candles, garland, lantern’s, stocking’s and other items. With these additions you can have a festive mantel for the holidays. For more items you can go here:

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