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A Magical Christmas with Animated Decorations

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Animated Christmas decorations are a lot of fun for inside and outside your home. They bring in the Christmas magic and thrill for young and old alike. What a delight it is to see the faces of children staring in amazement with wide, bright eyes at these animated decorations. Some pieces will move and some play music as well.

Some animated decorations you can find for inside are:

  • Music boxes with scenes when you open the lid
  • Village pieces with a train or a skating pond
  • Snow Globes with figurines rotating around inside
  • Musical dancing Santa Claus

Animated Christmas decorations began simply made, a Santa waving from a rooftop, yet still caught the holiday magic. Now there are a variety of animated decorations to choose from. The best ones will disappear long before the big day gets here, so don’t put off getting what you want.

Animated decorations can turn your yard into a magical place of wonder and awe. You can thrill your family, neighbors and anyone passing by in front of your house by setting up an animated display. If you’ve ever gone out looking at Christmas yard decorations I’m sure you remember the feeling of excitement at seeing these lively, bright animated display’s.

4 Seasons Global Animated Santa with Candle



Some animated decorations you might find for outside are:

  • A rocking horse
  • Standing deer 3-D wire sculpture
  • Snoopy on a mailbox
  • Spinning Christmas tree inflatable

There are also many other decorations that are animated.

Inflatable Animated Airplane Santa

Inflatable Animated Airplane Santa

You don’t have to start big. You can buy one and then build up your collection of animated pieces over time. Many of these decorations are also adaptable to music displays that will enhance the magical atmosphere. With proper care and storage they can last for many Christmas seasons.

Chantilly Lane 10 inch Jethro Moose Sings Jingle Bell Rock

Chantilly Lane 10 inch Jethro Moose Sings Jingle Bell Rock

They are generally easy to set up, sometimes easier than setting up other kinds of yard displays. There is a good reason why animated Christmas decorations routinely outsell other decorations – the motion, along with the magical spirit of Christmas makes these displays truly memorable.

Animated Department 56 Village Swan Pond

Animated Department 56 Village Swan Pond

Don’t wait until the last minute to shop for decorations or you might miss out on what you’re looking for. The animated decorations usually sell quickly when people start putting up their holiday decorations. Most retailers don’t restock them once they sell out. Pick out your decorations, have fun decorating and enjoy the excitement of the holiday season.

More animated Christmas decorations are available here:


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