Artificial Christmas Tree Varieties

The Christmas tree is usually one of the main focal points of Christmas. That is where the presents will go and everyone will be focusing on it. Artificial Christmas tree varieties are immense. From thin to wide, tall to tiny, pre-lit to no lights, along with a variety of colors, type of tree and more.

With an artificial tree, you won’t have to worry about the needles drying out and shedding all over the floor. You also won’t have to worry if you brought any pests in that may damage your houseplants. There is also less likely to be problems with allergies with an artificial tree compared to a real one.

An artificial Christmas tree can be purchased anytime of the year, so you can put it up sooner and enjoy it longer. You also don’t have to worry about disposing of it, just take it down and put it back in the box until next Christmas. With so many choices, sizes and prices you can have more than one for other rooms in your home.

There is a variety of types of trees you can get, some are: various pines, fir, spruce, along with the Grand Teton. They are usually from 12 inches to 16 feet tall. There are many tree color options, such as, green, white, black, pink, red, silver, purple, neon colors and more.

They can be full or slim, frosted, flocked or have a downward sweep. Most come with some type of base: a metal or plastic stand, wood base or burlap base. Artificial Christmas trees come unlit, with fiber-optic lights or pre-lit with warm white, clear, multi-color and more. Some come with pine cones or other decorations.

You can also get artificial Christmas trees for outdoors. They come in various styles, some are: a pine entrance tree in an urn that is pre-lit, a pre-lit potted solar powered tree, an LED light show cone Christmas tree. Sometimes these will come in sets of two or more.

As you can see, there are many choices to pick from. I have always preferred having an artificial tree. For a long time I had a 4 foot white tree that had pre-lit multi-color lights and fiber optic lights, that I loved but the lights died and so now I have a green pre-lit one. I place it on a table by the front window. I also have a 12 inch tree with fiber optic lights and it came decorated with bulbs and bows, which I put on top of a tall audio pier.

Before you pick out the tree you want, you will want to decide where you will be putting it. Measure the height  and diameter of the area to be sure the one you pick will fit.

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