Christmas Gnomes Decor

The Scandinavian Gnome, also known as a nisse or tomte, is a mythical creature of Nordic or Scandinavian folklore. Countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and others have varying forms and stories regarding the gnome. It is short, has a long beard and wears a cone shaped hat.

The portrayal of gnomes have changed over the years and vary in different cultures. One tradition was to leave a bowl of porridge out on Christmas Eve for the nisse/tomte. It is a practice that is still done by some.

The Swedish Christmas gnome has become increasingly popular. There are many products available with Christmas gnomes for decorating for the holidays: ornaments, pillow covers, window clings, wreath’s, doormat’s, placemat’s and more. Some products are handmade.

Gnome ornaments can not only be hung on your tree, but they can also be used for adding to a Christmas scene on your mantle, put on a wreath, added to a wrapped gift, put in a mug, gift basket or other item to add to the gift you are giving.

You could do a Christmas gnome themed tree, room or your entire home, even your yard. If that’s not enough of these cute little ones, there is clothing, such as pajama’s and t-shirts, available to wear.

As adorable as these gnomes are you might just want to start collecting them. The design’s vary for other holiday’s and design’s that can be for the year around. They can make great gifts as well.

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