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Christmas Holiday Wreaths for Your Home

christmas holiday wreath

Picking out a Christmas wreath for your home is similar to picking out a Christmas tree. You will need to decide if you want a fresh one or an artificial one. Then you can decide if you want one that already has lights or not. You will also need to measure the area you will be putting it so you get the right size.

You may want to purchase one Christmas wreath or several. You can hang a wreath outside on your front door, on inside doors, on a window and/or on the wall inside your home. A wreath will give you and your guests a bit of holiday cheer.

Feel Real Colonial Wreath – 8 Pine Cones 8 Red Berries and Battery Operated LED Lights with Timer

There are many different wreaths you can choose. There are several sizes of wreaths, from large to miniature. They come in artificial or real greenery. There are white wreaths, hot pink wreaths, silver wreaths and more. You can find them with pine cones, berries, ball ornaments and more, on them. You can also get plain ones and decorate them however you want.

Old Fashion Christmas Wreath

Old Fashion Christmas Wreath

Some Christmas wreaths come with lights. Some of these pre-lit wreaths have plugs, while others are pre-lit battery operated. On the battery operated ones you will want to check for the battery size and how many you will need. With these sometimes the lights are UL-listed for indoor/outdoor use but the wreath is recommended for indoor use, so you will want to check the product description if you are looking for a wreath to hang outside. Some will be okay for an outside covered area.

Long Needle Pine Artificial Christmas Wreath with Pine Cones - Unlit

Long Needle Pine Artificial Christmas Wreath with Pine Cones – Unlit


There are advantages and disadvantages when considering a fresh wreath or an artificial wreath. You can find both types online and have them shipped directly to you. With a fresh one you will get a nice fragrance in the air every time you open and close the door or in the room you put it in. With an artificial one you won’t have to worry about the needles drying out and you can use it year after year.

White Canadian Pine Artificial Christmas Wreath - Unlit

White Canadian Pine Artificial Christmas Wreath – Unlit

Advent Wreaths

Another type of Christmas wreath is the Advent wreath. Advent is celebrated by many Christians. These wreaths have four to five candle holders and sit on a flat surface. The four candles on the wreath ring represent the four weeks of advent. On the wreaths that have five candle holders, the fifth candle in the center represents Jesus.

Wreath Hangers

Along with your wreath you may need a way to hang it. Wreath hangers come in many colors and designs. You can find over the door wreath hangers, magnetic wreath hangers, suction cup wreath hangers, metal stand holders and even adjustable ones for hanging over a rail.

A wreath is a wonderful addition to your holiday decor, creating a festive look and feel for the holidays.

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