Finding the Right Christmas Tree Topper

The Christmas tree topper is an important part of decorating your tree. There are many types and styles of toppers to choose from. If you are decorating your tree with a theme, you will most likely want one that goes along with the theme.

Before you pick out a topper it’s a good idea to measure the distance from the top of the tree to the ceiling, unless you happen to have very high ceilings and a tree that’s not really tall. You wouldn’t want to buy a topper then find out it that it won’t fit on the top of the tree because the ceiling is in the way.

The most popular tree toppers are either a star or an angel. Some other styles that can be found are  a snowflake, a large bow, a snowman head, an elf, Santa or snowman hat, glass finials that are plain, painted, or have glitter, and more. There are also unique one’s if you want something that is a little different from most others.

Christmas tree toppers are made out of a variety of different materials, such as glass, wood, plastic, shells or cloth. Some are animated. There are some that come with lights and others without any lights. Some will even project light and shapes onto the ceiling.

The size of your tree will help you determine the size of the topper. If it’s too small it may not fit and if it does it will look odd. If it’s too big it will probably lean to the side or fall off. Read the description and check the size. If there are reviews, you can read those and see what people who have purchased it have to say about it. This can help you decide if it’s the right topper for your tree.

There are so many styles and color options, it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that goes with your tree decor. After you finish putting on your tree decorations, add the ultimate final touch of your tree topper to complete your tree and then stand back and enjoy your beautiful festive tree for the Christmas season.

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