How to Avoid Giving Bad Christmas Presents

At Christmas time no one wants to be known as the person who gives bad presents. Who really wants to be known for giving socks or ties and candy every year, watching the fake smile on your family or friends face?

Bad presents tend to be one of three things, thoughtless, boring or useless. If you have ever received a gift from that list then you should have an idea of what you would have really liked instead.

So, how do you go from a thoughtless gift to a thoughtful gift? A clear sign of a thoughtless gift is the ‘rush’ factor. Despite the cost, a gift that appears to have been bought in a hurry shouts of a lack of thought and planning. Even the most expensive bottle of wine would not excite a tea drinker who doesn’t drink alcohol.

Getting organized and taking your time is essential to assure your gifts this year are your most thoughtful yet. The internet is an ideal source for you to discover some excellent unique presents. There are a lot of websites that specialize in making personalized gifts and some do not charge extra for personalizing a gift.

When you personalize a gift it is obvious that you have thought about the recipient. There are so many items that can be personalized, such as, hats, wine bottles, glasses, pillows, towels, photo frames and so much more. You can personalize a t-shirt with someone’s name, a photo, a saying they like or one that’s inspirational to them.

Then, how do you go from useless to useful gifts? Sure, the crazy cat lady action figure may be funny at first, but does anybody really need one? There are some funny gifts that are useful as well, you just need to know what the person likes and if it is something they could use. There are different items with funny sayings and/or designs, such as doormats, mugs and more. Do you know someone who drinks wine? There are unique and fun wine bottle holders. Do a search for funny useful gifts and plenty of choices will come up.

No more boring socks, make this Christmas a memorable one. There are no more excuses now for you to give a boring gift. With the options locally and online for shopping there has never been more choices for all of your Christmas shopping needs. Retailers seem to be gearing up for the Christmas season earlier each year and more new and exciting gifts than ever before.

If you are looking for the ultimate in exciting gifts you might want to look into Experience Days. The person you are buying for may have talked about wanting to go bungee jumping or tackling wild water rapids. Jumping out of a plane or speeding around a track in a sports car may be their ambition. Why not surprise them with an adrenaline thrill instead of a box of candy and a tie?

Why not name a star after a loved one or adopt an endangered animal, you will usually receive an adoption certificate and a picture or poster and sometimes a plush animal. If you know what the person likes, what they are passionate about then you should be able to find a gift they will treasure and there will be genuine smiles.