Indoor Christmas Nativity Scenes

One popular item in homes and businesses for the holiday season is the Christmas nativity scene. Usually these scenes are used as decoration for the holidays and then packed away afterwards, although some people enjoy leaving it up year around.

For some families, setting up the nativity scene is the beginning of the spirit of Christmas. A family tradition when I was growing up was to set up the nativity scene first and then the other Christmas decorations.

The nativity set features three main figures: Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. Larger nativity scenes include the three wise men, a shepherd, animals, usually a cow, donkey and sheep, along with a manager. Some also include an angel and a star atop the manger that the three wise men followed.

You can find many styles of nativity scenes that can be purchased. They make some for children to play with. There are a variety of nativity scenes for inside your home that range from traditional to modern. You can add some straw in the manger or around the pieces. If it is not lighted, you could place some string lights around it.

These sets come in various sizes – miniature, small, medium or large. You can find ones that are very basic and simple or you can find some that are very detailed. Some indoor ones light up. Indoor nativity scenes are made of various materials, such as: wood, olive wood, porcelain, resin, ceramic or glass.

Collectors love adding new nativity sets to their collection. There are so many styles that you can find one that fits any taste. Some collections can be a bit pricey. Some of these collections sell pieces separately so you can start with the main three pieces and add other pieces each year.

Christmas nativity scenes are very popular and among the first decorations ordered. If you don’t get yours early, you may have to wait for a back order to come in or even wait until the next year.

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