Inflatable Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Inflatable Outdoor Christmas decorations have become very popular for decorating yards and roof’s. These decorations are made to catch the attention of passerby’s and bring beauty and awe to any neighborhood. Sizes can range from small to more than eight feet tall.

You don’t have to worry that just because they are not made of wood or wire they won’t hold up under the varying elements. These inflatable Christmas yard decorations are designed to be weather resistant. They are also easy to inflate. They come with a built-in pump that is simply plugged in and the decoration inflates in minutes.

Once the decoration has completely filled with air, take the stakes that came with it and drive them deep into the ground. Sturdy string tethers are attached from the decoration to the stake, which is what keeps it in place so it won’t end up down the street.

Do you have many choices of designs to pick from when you decide to buy inflatable decorations? Absolutely. There is a huge selection of designs to choose from. If you like Santa, you can find him in a sleigh, in a train, on a motorcycle, climbing up a chimney, standing with a bag of toys and more.

If you are looking for inflatable snowman Christmas decorations, there is a good selection of snowmen or a snowman. You can find a Snowman holding a candy cane, the Abominable Snowman, a snowman family, a snowman family in a sleigh, a snowman couple, Frosty The Snowman and a snowman on an igloo with two penguins.

Inflatable polar bear Christmas decorations are also popular. There are a couple of different types of penguins on the back of a polar bear, Santa holding a little Christmas tree and has a bag of presents while sitting on the back of a polar bear and one of a Christmas tree with presents underneath and a polar bear is lifting a snowman up to put the star on top of the tree.

You can also go with kids favorite character’s, like Disney Tigger, Pooh & Eeyore in a sleigh, Mickey Mouse & Minnie on a sleigh, Minion’s or Snoopy and Woodstock on a doghouse. There are also nativity scene inflatable’s to choose from.

To add to the magic of your decorations, there are animated inflatable’s. What excitement to see a rotating carousel with Santa Claus, a snowman, and a penguin riding reindeer or Santa Claus flying an airplane. How thrilling to see a 6 foot tall snow globe with a neon Santa in his sleigh while snow is swirling and falling inside the globe or Santa and a reindeer on a teeter totter.

You can create your own unique scene with inflatable decorations. You can welcome in the holidays with a Christmas scene that has your favorite characters.

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