Outdoor Christmas Nativity Scenes

An outdoor Christmas nativity scene in your yard is a wonderful way to show the true spirit of Christmas. There are several different styles and sizes to choose from. One of our family traditions is driving to see neighborhood Christmas decorations. The nativity scenes are always my favorite. For me this is the meaning of Christmas.

Some of the outdoor sets come with lights, while others do not. If there is one you like that does not include lights and you want it lit up, you can purchase a landscape light or outdoor floodlight separately to illuminate it.

The outdoor nativity sets are generally made out of plastic, resin or metal, while the inflatable ones are usually made out of polyester.  You will want something that will withstand whatever type of weather you have where you live.

Another consideration is size. You will want to check what size the nativity scene is. There are small to large outdoor nativity sets . Depending on the size of your yard and where you want to place it, you will want to make sure it will fit. Especially if you have other Christmas decorations you are putting in your yard.

With some nativity scenes, you can start with a few pieces, such as, Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus, and then add more pieces later. You may want to add a stable, wise men, a shepherd, various animals, an angel, and/or a star. Some sets have Mary holding baby Jesus, while others have baby Jesus in the manger. Some have a baby Jesus that is movable, so if you want to, you can wait to place him in the manger on Christmas morning.

There are sets that are just one color, while others that are very colorful. Some are very basic and others are very detailed. To find the most choices, it is best to purchase them as early as possible. They do tend to sell out early and you can end up with very few to choose from, if any.

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