Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays

People are usually busier than ever over the holidays and there can be even more things than usual for pets to get into. You want to make sure your pets stay safe during all the excitement and bustle of the holiday season.

Holiday plants, such as, mistletoe, holly, poinsettias and amaryllis are very poisonous to pets. If you have them in your home, make sure your pet’s can not get to them.

If you have a Christmas tree in your home you should avoid using tinsel, as your pet may swallow and/or choke on it. Also, don’t decorate your tree with food items, such as, popcorn, cranberries, etc. Do not place edible food gifts under the tree.

Keep breakable and small ornaments up high out of your pet’s reach. Don’t let your pet drink the water in the tree stand. Do not place any chemicals in the tree water, it can be harmful to your pet’s if they drink it.

Make sure your pet doesn’t chew on electrical cords, keep all cords and outlets secure and concealed. Tape electrical cords to the wall or floor.

Have a room, crate or area where you pet can go to get away from all the noise and excitement.

After eating your holiday dinner throw any bones away where you pet can’t get to them. Bones can damage their throat and intestines or become lodged in their throat.

Make sure your pet can not get any chocolate, cookies, and candy, these can be toxic to them. High-fat foods, such as gravy can make them sick also. Be sure guests and especially children know not to feed them anything.

Throw away all ribbons, bows, plastic wrappings and twister ties immediately after opening gifts before your pet can get to them and possibly swallow them.

Make sure your pets are wearing ID tags and have a microchip with current information at all times. With all the activity they may slip out  and it will be easier for someone to contact you if they find them.